About us

N-Gene Inc. was founded in 1997 for developing a family of proprietary, small molecules to address a wide range of adverse medical conditions. The lead molecule of the company’s late-stage portfolio – BGP-15 – was initially developed for insulin resistance and reached phase 2 human clinical stage.

Recent pre-clinical studies and findings of complex and diverse mode-of-action suggest that BGP-15 is an ideal candidate for a diverse orphan portfolio.

To exploit these new findings N-Gene has signed a licensing agreement with Mitochon Technologies and Vudbenk Life Science, which companies are continuing BGP-15’s orphan development.

Core team

Gábor Kálmán
CEO, Member of the Board
Zsolt Harsányi, Ph.D
Chairman of the Board
Gábor Komlós
Member of the Board
Gábor Herczeg
Member of the Board
Kálmán Tory
Member of the Board
Pál Forgács
Member of the Board